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IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship Charter

Welcome to IARC as IARC Postdoctoral Fellow/Postdoctoral Scientist

A period of postdoctoral training at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) provides a unique opportunity for cancer research training in an international environment with high-profile research activities. Compared with traditional postdoctoral fellowships, IARC Postdoctoral Fellows/Postdoctoral Scientists have many opportunities to establish an international network, become involved in multinational studies and consortia, and meet renowned researchers who are collaborating with or working at IARC. The programme is designed to provide young researchers with a strong foundation for a career in cancer research.

The training period provides an opportunity:
    1)  to apply knowledge acquired in basic and PhD training in a first-rate research programme;
    2)  to develop the skills required to become an independent scientist;
    3)  to gain experience in conducting research in an international environment.

In order to fully benefit from this opportunity the Agency has put in place this Charter, which describes the opportunities given, and the commitments expected from the IARC Postdoctoral Fellow/Postdoctoral Scientist, the Supervisor, and the Agency during the period of training. The Charter covers IARC Postdoctoral Fellows/Postdoctoral Scientists who have either been awarded a competitive IARC Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowship within the framework of the official, peer-reviewed Programme governed by IARC/WHO Fellowship rules (hereinafter referred to as “IARC Postdoctoral Fellows”), or are supported by funding from individual research groups at the Agency (hereinafter referred to as “Postdoctoral Scientists”). It is intended that the training experience is independent of the source of financial support.

Download IARC Postdoctoral Fellowship Charter

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