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The aim of the IARC Summer School is to stimulate research in cancer epidemiology and cancer prevention by improving scientific knowledge and developing skills among researchers worldwide. When participants are selected, special attention is given to applicants from countries with limited resources for the control of chronic diseases in general and cancer in particular. Becoming a supporter of the IARC Summer School is a meaningful way to help develop local expertise in those low-resource settings. This support benefits both the participants and their institutions by strengthening their capacity and their networks through international collaborations and further opportunities.

Impact of the IARC Summer School over the years

Since 2005, the IARC Summer Schools have enabled the training of a total of 870 researchers and health professionals from 135 countries. The most recent outcomes survey was conducted in 2021, among the 173 participants in the 2017 and 2019 Summer Schools. The survey enabled IARC to gather very informative testimonials about the impact that the Summer School has had on participants’ careers and their institutions.

Support the IARC Summer School to enhance cancer prevention

To pursue its mission to provide training to develop skills and capacity for global cancer control, IARC organizes the Summer School every two years, enabling more than 70 participants to receive high-quality training in a unique multidisciplinary and multicultural learning environment. Partnerships are instrumental for IARC, to increase the number of cancer researchers globally and ultimately to boost the impact on research capacity in countries worldwide. Partnering with IARC is an opportunity to join in the global fight against cancer.
There are several ways to support the IARC Summer School.

Contribute to IARC Scholarships

Support one or more selected applicants through scholarships to attend the IARC Summer School. A full IARC Scholarship, with a value of €3800, will directly support the participation costs of a selected applicant (registration fee, travel and living expenses). This support will enable cancer researchers and health professionals from low- and-middle-income countries to attend one module of the IARC Summer School.

Dr Shrabanti Sarkar Ghosh
IARC Summer School participant 2019
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Dr Farah Nassar
IARC Summer School 2019
UICC-IARC Development Fellow 2019
Post-doctoral Scientist at IARC
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Dr Julius P. Alloyce
United Republic of Tanzania
IARC Summer School participant 2019
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Dr Remila Rezhaze
IARC Summer School participant 2019
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Dr Kunal Oswal
IARC Summer School participant 2019
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Dr Muna Abusanuga
IARC Summer School participant 2017
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Contribute to Short-Term Development Fellowships for successful IARC Summer School participants

To enable promising IARC Summer School participants (from low- and middle-income countries in priority) to return to IARC for a specified period of time for further training and collaboration, partners can contribute to the cost of travel and living expenses of awardees, by supporting Short-Term Development Fellowships.

Meet Stephen Karuru Maina from Kenya
IARC Summer School 2017 participant and UICC-IARC Development Fellow 2017
“In 2017, I had the chance to interact with the top world cancer research scientists. When I came back to Kenya, I mobilized my rural folks and sensitized them to the cancer threat.  We bought a piece of land on which we intend to build a community-owned health facility that will house a research centre for cancer studies and other conditions.”

Broader partnership on the IARC Summer School

The IARC Summer School is a unique event that requires substantial resources for teaching, hosting, and coordinating the event. IARC is continuously looking for ways to have the programme evolve, for example through the launch and the activities of an Alumni Network. Supporting the IARC Summer School programme will help IARC to continue to offer this unique opportunity and bring the research community closer to reaching our common goals.


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Sandrine Montigny
IARC Summer School coordinator

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