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IARC Fellowships Frequently Asked Questions
IARC Postdoctoral Fellowships

How do I apply?

Applications can be made by completing our online application form. Current call has just closed (11/12/2020). Next call will open: September 2022 (tbc)



Are these Fellowships only for candidates from low- and middle-income countries (LMIC)?

Yes, applicants are eligible from any low- and middle-income country (see the World Bank list). Please note that this includes also nationals from upper-middle-income countries.

Important: In case you have “double” citizenship with one nationality of a HI country, you are still eligible to apply, as long as you can prove that you still have your citizenship from a LMIC. However, we ask you to be fully transparent and mention both nationalities in our application form (please mention your LMIC citizenship under “nationality 1” and your second nationality (from HI country etc.) under “nationality 2”).


Which research topics are covered?

Research topics in line with 1) Evolving cancer risk factors and populations in transition; 2) Implementation research; 3) Economic and societal impacts of cancer and 4) Cancer and COVID-19 

I obtained my PhD degree nearly 5 years ago – am I eligible to apply?

All candidates are required to have finished their doctoral degree within five years of the closing date for application.

I have an MD, MPH degree – can I apply?

Candidates with a MD are also eligible to apply on condition that their research experience can be considered equivalent to that of a candidate with a doctoral degree.

I am currently a PhD student – can I apply?

Candidates in the final year of their PhD studies are eligible to apply but must have been awarded their degree by the time of starting their Fellowship (30 November of the year in which the Fellowship will be awarded).

Will my stipend be sufficient for covering living costs in Lyon?

The current IARC postdoctoral stipend is € 2,820 per month. The cost of travel for the successful candidate will be covered, and in certain circumstances also for dependants, as well as a dependant’s allowance (150 Euros per month and per dependant) and a training allowance (a maximum of 1,000 Euros during 24 months) and a monthly health insurance allowance for the fellow provided.

For a single IARC Postdoctoral Fellow with no dependants or with one accompanying dependant,  the stipend and dependance allowance is more than sufficient to cover living costs and to have a good living standard.

For an IARC Postdoctoral Fellow with more than 1 accompanying dependant, please note that the budget might be a bit “limited” and only feasible for the family, if children go to “public French school” (no additional support is provided by IARC for school fees). 

A studio or apartment (1 to 2 bedrooms) can cost up 1,000 Euros monthly (charges/electricity/gas not included yet). An apartment for a family with two children costs between 1,000-1,500 Euros. 

Important to take in mind: We advise that you to bring along savings to France, which will be needed for the security deposit (and agency fee in case applicable) for renting an apartment (which is usually at least one month’s rent). 


Which research topics are not covered?

IARC focuses on cancer prevention. Fellowships are not awarded in the fields of clinical medicine, including diagnostics, therapy, or medicinal drugs.

For how long is the Fellowship?

This is a 2-year fellowship.

Is a proof of language ability needed?

No. If you wish, you may submit one. You will be able to prove your English proficiency on a scientific level during an interview, should you be pre-selected.

Do I have to complete the medical report form?

No. Candidates can wait for the selection outcome before having the medical report completed by their general practitioner.

Where can I find out more details about what a Postdoctoral Fellowship at IARC entails?

Read our Postdoctoral Fellowship Charter.

Where can I find details of the research carried out by the Branches at IARC?

See our website.

Where can I find the contact details for Branch Heads?

For each Branch precise contact information is available in “General information” under the “Personnel” tab:

I did not receive a response from my chosen Branch at IARC. Whom can I contact?

Should you have any difficulty in contacting Branches at IARC, please send a message to

Where can I find information about Lyon?

Have a look at our Welcome pack.

What are the next steps after I submit my application?

Eligibility of candidates is checked by the Pre-selection Committee until the beginning of February. Eligible candidates are contacted for telephone/skype interview during the second half of February or the month of March. The Selection Committee meets at the end of March to review and rank all applications. Candidates are informed of the results of the selection approximately by end of May/beginning of June.

Will I be interviewed?

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a telephone/skype interview during the second half of February or during the month of March. The interview lasts approximately 30 minutes.

When will I hear the results?

Candidates will be informed of the results by end-May/June.

If I am chosen, when can I start my Fellowship?

Successful candidates can start as from August of the year of selection. The start date is to be determined in consultation with the host Group and no later than 30 November of the year of selection.

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