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IARC Fellowships
Senior Visiting Scientist Award

30/09/2020         Please note that this award has been suspended

The Senior Visiting Scientist Award allows the hosting of eminent researchers providing a significant boost to its research activities and collaborations.

The IARC Senior Visiting Scientist Award is for a qualified and experienced senior investigator who has more than 15 years of post-PhD experience, with recent publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, who wishes to spend 6-12 months at IARC, working on a collaborative project in a research area related to the Agency’s programmes.

The major areas of activity are focused on understanding cancer etiology (including infections, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, radiation, and genetics), developing strategies for cancer prevention (primary prevention, screening, and implementation research), and elucidating the underlying mechanisms of carcinogenesis through studies of molecular and cell biology, molecular genetics, epigenetics, and molecular pathology. The Agency also has strong programmes dedicated to describing the global cancer burden, and to the evaluation of carcinogenicity or preventive interventions, through its Monographs and Handbooks of Cancer Prevention respectively. There is an emphasis on interdisciplinary work in the Agency’s research activities, as well as a focus on biostatistics, bioinformatics, and related methodological developments.


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